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if the cookbook has a recipe for meatballs from scratch, but I used mine. I also used my quick and easy BBQ sauce . Their recipe said to use BBQ sauce and mix it with grape jelly . My sauce is pretty sweet so I just used that.

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Recipe courtesy of Emeril Lagasse. Very tasty; I did not find the sauce to cover the meatballs properly, next time will increment the sauce by 1/2. ...

18 Sauces for Cocktail Meatballs, Cocktails Weenies...

The most prevalent of the jelly-based sauces, and perhaps the most popular sauce in general for cocktail meatballs and cocktail weenies, is the grape jelly sauce. The grape jelly sauce recipes are primarily prepared with grape.

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BBQ Meatballs - 2bags of frozen meatballs 1 jar heinz chili sauce 1/2 jar of grape jelly 1 tsp. mustard Add all ingredients to crockpot... bq-meatballs-163975


bake until they begin to brown, 10 to 15 minutes. Turn and bake 10 minutes more. Add remaining garlic, basil sprig, tomatoes and wine. Cover and cook until meatballs are cooked through and sauce begins to thicken, 20 minutes.

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1 12 oz jar Chili Sauce 1 16-18oz jar grape jelly* 2lb frozen meatballs or 2-3 packages cocktail sausages. How much mustard how many meatballs

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what foods do you combine at home for yourself that might be considered quirky?.. example i like a little milk or cream in my root beer...and kno Ritz cracker, peanut butter, bbq sauce (any kind of sweeter variety).

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1 18oz jar of grape jelly. Stir the meatballs into the jelly and BBQ sauce mixture until covered. If it looks like you need more sauce to cover the meatballs, just add more BBQ sauce and stir.